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Vinea is the biggest Dutch travel organization for teenagers. They’ve been organizing youth trips and summer camps for over 60 years for children between the ages of 7 – 19 years. This also means that they already offering more than 140 different tours at home and abroad. In all these years there have been over 100,000 children who participated in a best-ever holiday experience. Whether they like kite-surfing, snowboarding, horseback riding or something else, headquartered in Sneek, Vinea always work hard to give them the unforgettable holiday experience!
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The website of Vinea was a perfect example as an assignment for the class Usability Engineering at my study Communication and Multimedia Design. It would be a complete analysis of a website. The improvement from this analysis were then incorporated into a new design.

Old design
Website: Vinea

New design
Website: Vinea

Website: Vinea

Website: Vinea

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