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Get to know is a dynamic e-card site where users can compile their virtue e-card themselves. Here the user has the opportunity to create an e-card by selecting their virtue, choosing a suitable background and then write their own personal message for the recipient.
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Logo Design

Since was a brand new concept developed by Webkracht B.V., there was no logo or website available yet. We wanted the logo to have a mysterious effect to fit the basic concept of a virtue, a term that everyone is familiar with but nobody knows exactly what it is. Furthermore we wanted it to be able to blend in with the virtues itself; e.g. Dignity is a virtue.


The design was made according to the step-by-step plan to create an e-card. 1. select your virtue, 2. select your card and 3. write your message. The interaction Design for this website was very important, the flow should be easy and the design should improve the simplicity of it.

Website: Is A Virtue

Saturday, August 20th, 2005. Filed under: Interaction Design Logo Design Webdesign

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