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Le Petit Chaumont (translated: small Chaumont) is a small campsite in Chaumont (France). The campsite is ideal for birdwatchers and those over 50.
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Logo Design

Logo: Le Petit ChaumontBecause the campsite was still work in progress, everything had to be designed from scratch. After listening carefully to the client, their goals but especially their dreams, moving to France to start their own campsite, we’ve decided to go for something that is very common and characteristic in the area and implement that in a logo. The key word that kept coming back was the nature and the intensive amount of animals that live in the area. It soon became clear that an owl fitted the logo for its wisdom and charisma.


Illustration: Le Petit ChaumontAfter the logo was finished the owners were still working on the campsite itself. The illustration was an alternative for the logo which might be used in a later case somewhere on the campsite e.g. as woodcarving example.


For their (mainly Dutch) guests, the owners wanted to have a small website on the Internet. The atmosphere should say nature, freedom and of course France. With the use of ‘old’ nature colors, the true characteristics of the campsite where revealed.

Website: Le Petit Chaumont

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