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Funtrend is a new online web-shop where people can order toys related to outdoor activities. The company uses a concept where they don’t need a lot of stock but still allows them to deliver within 24 hours. Because there is no stock and no storage space to be rent they can offer their products cheaper than others.
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Logo Design

Logo: FunTrendFor the logo the company asked for a scratchy logo which is linked to the outdoor-style. Furthermore the words “fun” and “trend” should be loose from each other and overall it should have a playful look with bright colors.


The website should be looking like an online shop with all its accessories. The style should be fresh, active, professional, easy to use and with an outdoor look&feel. In this project only the design has been delivered, the build of the website has been done by the company itself.

Website: FunTrend

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010. Filed under: Logo Design Webdesign

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